98% Of Clan Gordon Landlords Say They Would Recommend Letting Service To Others

If you’re an Edinburgh landlord who relies on a letting agent to look after your property, what’s top of the list when it comes to a management service?

Great communication? Finding new tenants? Managing safety inspections?

At Clan Gordon, we survey our landlords every year to find out what’s important to them and how well they think we’re doing with our service delivery. In our latest questionnaire, completed by almost 100 landlords, an impressive 98% said they would recommend us to others.

We value the feedback we receive and are grateful for the recent, very encouraging comments like:

“I've always appreciated property updates and quick resolution of issues and repairs. I feel very confident that the management of my property is in great hands.”

“Best property lettings agent we've dealt with.”

Award-Winning Standards

As Edinburgh’s leading letting agent, we set high standards for our landlords – because we know this is how you will secure the best tenants. If landlords are looking to cut corners and mistreat tenants, we’d prefer not to have them on our books.

But that also means our landlords rightly have the highest expectations of the service we provide, which is something we take seriously. All our agents are highly trained, experienced property managers. They take care of every aspect of letting for our landlords, including the meticulous management of the legal and safety requirements for every property.

When asked about the professional knowledge and skills of our property managers, 89% of those questioned said they were either far above average or above average.

“Advice is clear and helpful, and insight into the market is obvious.”

“Great managers with a good knowledge.”

Edinburgh landlords highly rate Clan Gordon’s communication

We think clear and transparent communication is important, and we do our best to keep our landlords well-informed about their properties. 85% of those who responded to the survey said the communication they received from us was either extremely or very valuable.

“I rely on this as I live so far away and have every confidence in the competence of reports.”

“Their timely communication means I am always up to date with what is happening with our property.”

Clan Gordon Letting Agents ‘have good knowledge of properties

We also think it’s vital that our agents have a good knowledge of the properties they’re looking after. 84% of respondents said our staff were either extremely or very aware of their property.

“After the first walk around, the team were very knowledgeable and gave me info that had not been brought to my attention before.”

“Any communication regarding our properties is accurate and concise.”

All-Round Edinburgh Property Letting Service wins praise

We quizzed our landlords on the services we provided and asked them to give us a rating:

Managing existing tenants – 92% were either very satisfied or satisfied

Providing updates on changes to their service – 91% were either very satisfied or satisfied

Managing maintenance – 85% were either very satisfied or satisfied

Managing inspections – 88% were either very satisfied or satisfied

“We are very satisfied with how our properties are being managed by the Clan Gordon team. We always receive timely, informative communication about any issues that arise and these are dealt with promptly.”

“I have been lucky enough to have had the same fabulous tenants for a long time, so this must at least in part be due to the service provided by the Clan Gordon team.”

“I genuinely feel that with Clan Gordon managing our property, I have no need to worry.”

The Future of Property Letting in Edinburgh

We also asked our landlords about any concerns they might have for the future, with most citing rising maintenance costs as their biggest worry. Some mentioned legislative changes by the Scottish government, the cost-of-living crisis and rising mortgage rates.

Rent guarantee service being considered for Edinburgh landlords

Due to the economic uncertainty, we’re considering a rent guarantee service that covers unpaid rent for up to 12 months and the legal costs of eviction. 54% of landlords said they would be interested in this option.

Managing Director Jonathan Gordon said: “We’re encouraged by the outcome of this year’s survey, especially the fact 98% of our landlords would recommend us to others. That is a real testament to our team's hard work and professionalism – and one of the reasons so many landlords in Edinburgh are switching to our service.”

If your letting agent doesn’t deliver the service you deserve, schedule a call with one of our agents and find out about switching to Clan Gordon – it’s easier than you think!


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