Over the past twelve months’ changes to legislation surrounding safety requirements in rental properties has changed, resulting in a higher standard of safety for tenants and additional safety checks for landlords and agents. In order to ensure that your property meets the required standard, we have included below an overview of the certificates and safety requirements that must be met before tenants can move in to your rental property.
We use a team of trusted contractors for all of our safety checks – please note pricing below may vary significantly if using alternative contractors.


Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)
The GSC is an annual check, ensuring that all gas appliances, pipework and flues installed in the property are safe and fit for purpose. Certificates must be kept for 2 years and a copy given to the tenants within 28 days of the inspection; all new tenants require a copy before moving in. It is essential that the GSC is conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 
GSC Costs
Call out £28.50 +VAT
1st appliance £26.50 +VAT
2nd appliance £12.50 +VAT


To meet electrical safety requirements two certificates are required - PAT and EICR - both of which must be completed by a competent and qualified Electrician.  
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
The PAT is an annual test checking the safety of all portable appliances within the property such as lamps, microwaves, toasters and kettles. All items are checked and given either a pass or fail; failed items must be removed or repaired immediately. The test also includes white goods so is required for both furnished and unfurnished properties.
Certificates must be kept for 6 years and a copy given to the tenants. 
PAT Costs
Call out £28.50 +VAT
Price per appliance £2.50 +VAT
Please Note: Where possible, the GSC, PAT and EICR would be arranged to be carried out on the same date, meaning that only one call out fee would be charged.
Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR)
The EICR is a check of the overall condition of all electrical installations in the property including electrical fittings (e.g. switches, sockets, light fittings), installations for the supply of electricity, and fixed electrical equipment (e.g. mainswired smoke detectors). 
The EICR highlights any issues where remedial work is required, classifying problem areas as either C1 (danger present), C2 (potentially dangerous), or C3 (should be improved as soon as practical). Remedial works are recorded on a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate once completed.
The EICR must be carried out every 5 years (minimum), certificates kept for 6 years and a copy given to tenants.
All new tenancies require a valid EICR certificate, and all existing tenancies must have one in place by 1st December, 2016. 
EICR Costs
1 or 2 bedroom property £90 +VAT
Each additional bedroom £10 +VAT


Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA)
Every property now requires a LRA to be carried out, checking the water system to identify and control the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria. Landlords are responsible for ensuring that the assessment is carried out periodically by a ‘competent person’, however agents can assume this responsibility on behalf of their clients. We arrange for an initial LRA to be carried out in line with the GSC or PAT, followed by an annual check to ensure that risk to tenants is minimised.
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are responsible for the legislation surrounding Legionella Risk Assessments see here for further information, or read our recent blog post here.
Legionella Costs
Legionella Risk Assessment £47.50 +VAT
Annual check £17.50 +VAT

Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors 

Smoke and Heat Detectors

All rental properties must have adequate smoke and heat detectors, all of which must be mains powered (with battery backup) and interlinked.
Smoke detectors are required:
  •          In every circulation space (hallways/ landings)
  •          In the principal living room
  •          At least one on every floor
Box: Heat detectors are required:
  •          In every kitchen
Smoke and Heat Detector Costs
Smoke detector installation £95 +VAT each
Smoke detector replacement £40 +VAT each
Heat detector installation £105 +VAT each
Heat detector replacement £50 +VAT each

CO Detectors 

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors must be fitted in all properties containing a combustion device (runs on gas, oil or solid fuel – with the exception of those used solely for cooking). Detectors should contain a sealed, long life battery designed to last the life of the alarm, these can be mains powered but not plug in.
The ideal distance between the appliance and the CO detector is 1m – 3m. Detectors should be mounted wall or ceiling mounted, away from corners, windows and spaces with limited air movement. Ceiling mounted detectors should be a minimum of 30cm away from walls, and wall mounted detectors should be 15cm below the ceiling. 
CO detectors are required:
  • In each space containing a combustion device
  • In each bedroom or living room where a flue passes through
C0 Detector Costs
CO detector £21.45 +VAT
The Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP) is responsible for enforcing legislation surrounding safety in rental properties, further information can be found on their website.
Please contact us on 0131 555 4444 if you would like to discuss safety requirements or contractors used.