Although few politicians are brave enough to call it a housing crisis, that is what Scotland, and the UK for that matter, faces. We are now so reliant on the remaining large traditional house-builders for any new housing that any political discussion on how to address the lack of housing invariably calls for more homes to be built by house-builders. The only government intervention of note in recent years has been help-to-buy. Whilst this may sound like an attractive idea, what it really delivers is higher house prices, bigger profits for house builders and more debt for young people of the kind that led to the financial crash of 2008 - a bizarre policy initiative given all the political rhetoric about avoiding doing just that.

More innovative ways of funding and developing new homes, especially in the affordable market and in my view particularly the mid-market, throughout Scotland. Commercial or institutional investment in new housing for Scotland is to be welcomed and the development by Ediston Homes seems like a good idea to me. Their development at Chesser Avenue in Edinburgh will produce 114 new homes, mostly using the National Housing Trust (NHT) model for affordable homes.

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