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The past year has been a busy time for us here at Clan Gordon - our number of properties has increased by 36% and our team has expanded, with three additional members of staff joining us. The 2019 surveys were a great chance for us to check-in with our landlord and tenant clients, giving them the opportunity to feedback on how they feel our team has performed during this period of change.


A rental property is a significant investment. Our aim is to provide a transparent service that landlords can trust, so they can relax knowing their property is in safe hands.

We asked our landlords to what extent they trust Clan Gordon as their letting agent. 100% of landlords confirmed that they trust Clan Gordon with the management of their property – a fantastic result, reflecting the hard work of our team.

Customer service

Providing exceptional customer service to all clients drives everything that we do. We were delighted to discover that 98% of landlords are satisfied with the level of customer service they receive from Clan Gordon, 91% rated the customer service they receive as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

Value for money

The costs involved in renting a property have increased since Clan Gordon was founded in 2008, largely due to changes in safety requirements for privately rented properties. Our property management fees not always the cheapest, however, we believe this is reflected in the quality of service we provide.

98% of landlords confirmed that they are satisfied that the service they receive from Clan Gordon provides good value for money.

Accurate rents

As a firm of Chartered Surveyors, we pride ourselves on providing accurate rental valuations for our clients. Whilst some letting agents routinely inflate rent levels to win business, we use up to date, local data to accurately (and fairly) price our properties. In 2018 our average time to let was 15 days, considerably less than the industry average of 23 days [Source: CityLets].

99% of our landlords are satisfied that the rent achieved for their property is accurate in the current market. Book a rental valuation for your Edinburgh property.

Occupancy levels

Ahead of the introduction of the Private Residential Tenancy in December 2017, many Edinburgh landlords were concerned they would experience increased void periods as tenants would no longer be tied in for an initial fixed period. We have now been using the PRT for over 12 months, so it was a good time to ask landlords if their fears surrounding occupancy levels had become reality.

100% of landlords are satisfied with the overall occupancy rate of their property, 94% rated their properties occupancy as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

One of the reasons our properties have good levels of occupancy is that we screen all applicants before arranging a viewing; part of which is enquiring how long they are hoping to rent the property for. When applying for their current property, 99% of our tenants were looking for a tenancy of 6 months or longer, 70% were looking for a tenancy of 12 months or longer, and 41% wanted a tenancy longer than 2 years [Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2019].


We know that poor communication can be a source of contention between landlords and their letting agents. We focus on providing fast, accurate communication to all of our clients.

98% of landlords are satisfied with our response times when dealing with a query relating to their property/ tenancy. 91% of landlords rated our response times as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

98% of landlords are satisfied with the extent to which they are kept updated regarding their property/ tenancy.


When it comes to maintenance and safety certificates in our properties, we use contractors who we know will do the job well. We only work with trusted, local contractors who are qualified, insured, and we know will meet our high standards.

We asked our landlords how satisfied they are with the work carried out by our contractors in terms of cost and speed of work. 98% of landlords are satisfied with the work carried out by our contractors.


Thank you to all of our clients who took the time to complete the survey. As always, we appreciate your input and will use the results to continue to improve the service that we offer.