It's fairly likely that even some surveyors will wonder why professional measurement standards are required - "surely a metre is a metre is a metre!". However, true as that statement is, there are many aspects involved in measuring buildings which will usually have all sorts of unique spaces, nooks and crannies.

THE RICS has always ensured that all chartered surveyors follow the same standard when it comes to measurements and most recently this was using the RICS Code of Measuring Practice.

The RICS has worked closely with 69 other professional international bodies under the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC) to come to agreement on a set of international standards.

From January 2016 the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement will replace the RICS Code of Measuring Practice.

The new Professional Statement will be mandatory for RICS professionals undertaking measurements of property, subject to the exemptions set out below. The Professional Statement updates the Code of Measuring Practice to ensure office measurements are consistent with the newly created International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS). It will mean that office measurements will be consistent across markets, bringing transparency and comparability to end users, including but not limited to corporate occupiers, investors and developers. Since the international standard was published last year more than 200 businesses have signed up to use IPMS. These include the likes of the IMF and many FTSE companies. Further IPMS standards for other property types are expected from next year onwards. Once these are published the corresponding parts of the RICS Professional Statement will also be updated, following consultation with RICS professionals.


RICS self-regulation role gives them the ability to promote the professional competence of surveyors in the marketplace. It differentiates RICS professionals from those outside our profession. From January RICS will undertake reactive monitoring of the Professional Statement's use in response to any complaints made against a surveyor. RICS professionals will need to demonstrate that they have followed the Professional Statement unless: 1. They have received, in writing, a client instruction that specifically asks for an alternative methodology to be used. 2. A local law requires the use of a different measurement standard.

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