We try to do an annual survey. We find it has helped us improve our service in the past. When communication came up as a niggle in 2013 for a few clients, we introduced a new tool to help manage emails and calls and last year we asked if communication was improved - we received a resounding answer that it had.

This year we focused on interactions with our staff and asked 3 questions.

  1. Are your queries dealt with in a timely manner?
  2. Are our staff knowledgeable enough to answer your questions?
  3. Do you find our staff friendly and approachable?

We sent the survey anonymously to all our tenants and over 50 responded within 12 hours.

We are very pleased with the results overall. Although the anonymous element was intended to allow great honesty from respondents to make the outcome more reliable, it does mean that we cannot ask the very small number who answered No to question 2 what their issue was so next time we will ask them to comment on their answers. Although there was a general comments section they didn't use it.

Some maintenance jobs are complicated, especially around communal work where it can take months to get agreement from co-owners to allow repairs. To have 93% say we deal with their queries in a timely mannerĀ is positive for us.

With 98% saying our staff are knowledgeable we are re-assured that our training for staff is working.

The most satisfying part of the survey, however, is that even the very small number ansering No to questions 1 and 2 said they find our staff friendly and approachable.

We know that finding good tenants and looking after them is an essential part of ensuring our clients' properties are well managed and will work hard to ensure this continues.