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At Clan Gordon, we know that happy tenants make the best tenants, so we treat our tenants in exactly the same way as our landlord clients. Annual surveys are a great way for us to find out if our tenants are happy, and gain their insight on areas for improvement. This year has been especially busy for us at Clan Gordon – our property portfolio has increased by 36% and our team has grown by three new members of staff – making tenant feedback from the 2019 survey even more important.


A rental property is a tenant’s home, so it is important our tenants can trust us with the management of their property. We want tenants to be able to relax in their Clan Gordon property, without having to worry about how the property is being maintained or managed. We were delighted that 97% of tenants confirmed that they trust Clan Gordon as their managing agent.

Customer service

Providing exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do; we want our tenants to feel like valued clients. 97% of tenants are satisfied with the level of customer service they receive from Clan Gordon; 84% rated our customer service as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

Quality properties

In Edinburgh there is a lack of quality rental stock available for tenants, making the already fast-paced market even more competitive for tenants looking for a home. To counteract this, we ensure that all of our properties are maintained to a high standard by only working with landlords who are willing (and able) to provide a quality home for tenants.

94% of tenants were satisfied with the condition of their property when they moved in; 71% rated the condition of the property as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.


Our tenants rely on us to provide fast, accurate communication before, during and after their tenancy. 93% of tenants are satisfied with our response time when dealing with a query relating to their property/ tenancy; 78% of tenants rated our response time as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

94% of tenants are satisfied with the extent to which they are kept updated regarding their property/ tenancy; 77% of tenants rated the extent to which they are kept updated as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.


When it comes to maintenance and safety certificates in our properties, we use contractors who we know will do the job well. We only work with trusted, local contractors who are qualified, insured, and we know will meet our high standards.

We asked our tenants how satisfied they are with the work carried out by our contractors in their property; 92% of tenants confirmed they are satisfied.

Clan Gordon team

In an industry marred by negative stereotypes, especially when it comes to the treatment of tenants by landlords and letting agents, our team goes over and above to show our tenants that they are valued clients.


Without providing any guidance, we asked our tenants to describe our team using just one word. Our team were thrilled to read the results, with ‘helpful’ (19%), ‘professional’ (15%), ‘friendly’ (15%) and ‘efficient’ (11%) coming out on top.

Edinburgh tenants survey results


Our business is built through positive recommendations from both landlord and tenant clients. We asked our tenants if they would recommend Clan Gordon to a friend and were delighted 93% confirmed that they would.


Thank you to all of our clients who took the time to complete the survey. As always, we appreciate your input and will use the results to continue to improve the service that we offer.