Clan Gordon Explores Top 10 Reasons Why Tenants Switch Landlords

Edinburgh is one of the world’s most desirable cities to live in and when it comes to finding a home to rent, there are thousands to choose from. Discerning tenants have high expectations and when things don’t go to plan or their requirements change, they decide to switch.

But what are the main reasons tenants decide to change landlord and move to a new home?

1. Problems With Neighbours

Troublesome neighbours are one of the main reasons people decide to move home. The stress of living next door to neighbours who are noisy or behave in an anti-social way can’t be underestimated.

Music being played at all hours and barking dogs are amongst the most commonly reported issues. According to insurer Direct Line, a noise complaint was made every 80 seconds to councils across the UK in 2019.

2. Need A Bigger Property

Growing families need more space so many people decide to move for an extra bedroom, a bigger living area or a garden. Moving to a less desirable area can offer more choice at a lower cost.

Family homes are at a premium in some areas of Edinburgh, especially if they are close to good schools.

3. Need A Smaller Property

When children fly the nest, or couples separate, a smaller property is often needed, which saves on rent and running costs. In Edinburgh, one- and two-bedroom homes are in high demand, so finding a reliable letting agent and having references pre-approved is important to ensure you can act quickly when you find the right property.

4. Maintenance Issues

All landlords and letting agents are NOT the same! At Clan Gordon, we provide a first-class service and take maintenance and repair issues seriously using only reliable, reputable local tradespeople.

Some tenants struggle to get issues resolved and suffer with poorly maintained properties, such as heating that doesn’t work properly or repairs that don’t get done. After a while, a constantly dripping shower or draughty window can become too much to bear, and tenants decide to find somewhere new.

5. Want To Live In A New Area

Often people move to a new part of the country without knowing the local neighbourhoods and, after a while, decide they’d prefer to live somewhere different.

Edinburgh is a diverse and vibrant city with very distinct identities, from the hustle and bustle of Princes Street to the coastal delights of Portobello, with two miles of award-winning sandy beach.

One thing’s for certain – the city has something for everyone!

6. Want to Upgrade

A pay rise or an unexpected windfall that gives tenants more disposable income is often a reason to upgrade to a new property. Whether it’s a more desirable part of Edinburgh or a bigger home, tenants decide to take a step up the ladder.

7. Want To Be Near A Certain School

Schools are a common reason for tenants deciding to move. Being in the catchment area of the best schools in the city is important for some parents – but it also means rental prices are at a premium in the locality.

8. Can’t Afford The Rent

A change in circumstance means the rent sometimes becomes too expensive, and tenants need to find somewhere cheaper, moving to a smaller property or a less desirable area.

9. Change Lifestyle

Sometimes tenants just fancy a lifestyle change, moving from the inner city to the countryside or the opposite. City centre homes are more expensive and often smaller, while Edinburgh’s outskirts offer incredible scenery and plenty of peace and quiet.

10. Running Costs

The current cost-of-living crisis means tenants are being savvier about the running costs of their homes. Properties with solar panels or ground source pumps are in high demand, while those with older boilers and draughty windows are more likely to be overlooked.

A well-maintained home with a modern boiler, new double glazing and good insulation is a sure-fire winner.

If you’re considering a move, are unhappy with your landlord or just want to find out if your current property is good value for money, schedule a call with one of our expert advisors. We have more than 15 years experience in the Edinburgh property market and can find your perfect home, whatever your requirements or budget.

All our properties exceed the Repairing Standard, and we’re committed to ensuring our tenants are happy and looked after.


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