Edinburgh Letting Agents: Bridging The Gap Between Landlords and Tenants

If you’re a landlord with an Edinburgh property to let or a tenant looking for somewhere to rent in the city, why do you need a letting agent? Isn’t it easier to go it alone? 

The answer, in most cases, is no. 

Qualified and experienced letting agents provide a vital service to both landlords and tenants, offering property expertise and legal guidance while also establishing an important link between the two. 

Relieving the stress of letting a property 

For landlords, letting agents relieve the stress of managing a buy-to-let property and ensure all the legal obligations are met. They can provide an end-to-end service that starts with preparing the property for rent and advertising it. 

At Clan Gordon, we advertise on all the key websites so landlords’ properties receive maximum exposure and attract the best tenants. We also draw up the tenancy agreement, carry out all the necessary safety inspections, and move the tenants in. 

Top class property letting service 

But it’s the ongoing relationship with tenants and the services we provide that offer the most benefit for landlords.  

We carry out regular checks to ensure the landlord’s property is being well looked after. We also undertake all the required gas, electric and Legionnaire’s Disease inspections and issue tenants with the necessary certificates. 

Managing rent payments 

We provide landlords with regular updates about their properties and manage rent payments on their behalf. This is a crucial benefit as it means landlords never find themselves in a challenging situation when payments are late or are left unpaid. 

We liaise with tenants to establish why rent payment hasn’t been made and come to an agreement that is acceptable to the landlord. We also periodically agree rent increases with landlords and ensure tenants receive the appropriate notice. 

Emergency Service 

For landlords, there’s nothing worse than a 3am call about a burst pipe. With a property management contract, it’s the letting agent who usually takes the burden of this and gets it sorted. 

Letting agents are better prepared to deal with any kind of emergency and can get someone there – fast. This means tenants get a great service, and, in some cases, any potential damage to the property is minimised. At Clan Gordon, we empower tenants to organise repairs through a system called Fix Flo, where they log the issue and can track repair and maintenance progress automatically. 

Tricky Conversations 

Using a letting agent means any difficult conversations are handled by a professional who has years of experience in the market and can act on the landlord’s behalf. Letting agents have the time to invest in building a strong relationship with the tenant, and this can mean that they stay longer. 

Avoid A Scam 

For tenants, letting agents provide reassurance that they won’t fall prey to a lettings scam. While they are relatively rare, Edinburgh was named the best city in the world to live in by Time Out in 2022 and properties are in short supply so it’s easy to be duped when you’re desperate to find a home. 

Local Knowledge 

A reliable and reputable letting agent like Clan Gordon can help tenants choose the most suitable area and property type for their budget and can provide expert local knowledge on issues such as schools and public transport. 

Great Communication 

When renting direct from a landlord, it can be hard to get in touch if something happens and repairs and maintenance issues can take longer to get sorted. At Clan Gordon, we’re available 24-7 and we have a team of local tradespeople who can quickly respond to urgent issues. 

A letting agent will liaise with the landlord when a tenant reports an issue and quickly come to an agreement, whereas tenants can find themselves arguing with a landlord and unable to reach a resolution. 

For tenants, good communication is key and a letting agent has much more time for conversation than a landlord who may have a full-time job as well as looking after a rental property.  

At Clan Gordon, we know happy tenants make the best tenants, so we build strong personal relationships. Letting agents can bridge the gap between landlords and tenants, ensuring nothing ever falls between the cracks and issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. 

To find out more about the benefits of using Edinburgh’s leading letting agent, arrange a call with one of our expert advisors.  


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