How To Find The Best Property When Looking For An Edinburgh Buy-To-Let

How To Find Your Perfect Edinburgh Lettings Property

Demand for rental property of all sizes in Edinburgh is at an all-time high whilst available homes are in short supply. Vacant lets are often snapped up even before they’re advertised so tenants need to be savvy and be ready to act.

Hopefully new government legislation limiting the types of property permitted to be licensed for short-term lets will encourage more landlords to switch to long-term letting. But until new properties start to filter onto the market, those searching for homes in the city face a tough time.

Landlords have their pick of the best tenants with ready deposits and glowing references, so what can you do to leapfrog the queue and land yourself a great property to rent?

At Clan Gordon, we’ve been letting homes in the capital for more than 15 years and we currently look after more than 500 buy-to-lets for Edinburgh landlords so we can offer some top tips to help you find your dream home:

Be Clear About The Edinburgh Rental Property You’re Looking For

Make some initial decisions about the area of Edinburgh where you want to live and the size of property you need. If you’re set on one area, it might take longer to find somewhere but being clear about what you’re looking for helps to focus your search and identify what’s available so you can revise your options if you draw a blank.

It’s a good idea to draw up a list of priorities – do you want a furnished or unfurnished property, are transport links important, do you need to be near good schools of Edinburgh city centre?

Do Some Online Research Into Edinburgh Properties To Let

If you don’t know the area well that you’re moving to, check it out online. You can research local crime statistics, OFSTED reports for schools, nearby shops and amenities and lots more.

If you’re near enough, take a drive around at different times of the day too so you’re aware of any traffic and how the area feels for living in.

Work Out In Advance What You Can Afford To Rent In Edinburgh

There’s nothing worse than finding your dream home and then realising you can’t afford it! Do your sums first and then start looking.

When renting for the first time in Edinburgh, you’ll need a deposit, and you’ll need to prove you can afford the monthly rent.

As Edinburgh’s leading letting agent, we ask for a combined annual salary of 30 times the monthly rent – so if the rent’s £1200 a month, you’ll need to earn £36,000. If you don’t earn enough, you’ll need a UK-based guarantor.

You must prove how much you earn, either with wage slips from your employer or three years’ accounts if you’re self-employed.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Tenants need to provide lots of documents so it’s worth sorting them all out in advance. They include proof of identity (passport or driving licence), references from a previous landlord, bank details, employment details and proof of residency such as a utility bill.

Getting all of this prepared in advance means you’re able to move quickly if you find the ideal property.

Make A Good First Impression

Edinburgh landlords often let to tenants who they like and seem the most reliable and trustworthy, so make sure you make a good first impression. Turn up on time, be respectful of their property and ask sensible questions.

If you’re looking for an Edinburgh buy-to-let, talk to the city’s leading letting agent – we’ve got years of experience and can help you secure your perfect property


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