There is a lack of quality properties available for Edinburgh tenants, creating a competitive market where well-maintained flats and houses rent quickly. Ensuring your property meets the Repairing Standard (a requirement for lettings properties in Scotland) is a good place to start, however, if you are aiming to attract good, long-term tenants, you will likely have to exceed this basic standard.

The information provided below is a general guide to getting a property ready to rent. You will be given detailed, property specific information at the lettings valuation. Before your property is marketed for rent you should consider:

Preparing to rent

Newly renovated rental properties are in high demand across Edinburgh. Some benefits of renovating your property before finding tenants are:

  • Higher rent (and better yield)
  • Attract quality tenants
  • Tenants are more likely to look after the property and stay longer

We realise that not all landlords are in a position to renovate their property before renting, we can make suggestions tailored to your property and budget. Common renovations include:

  • Decoration
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrade
  • New flooring
  • Fitting blinds and curtains
  • Joinery snagging
  • Window refurbishment/ replacement

Our trusted local contractors can provide quotes for any of the above, and our team can project manage any renovation works, big or small.

One question that almost every new landlord asks is if they should rent their property furnished or unfurnished. The answer largely depends on the property itself; we provide guidance on furnishing at the lettings valuation.

The level of demand in Edinburgh tends to be higher for furnished properties – especially one and two bedroom flats – but the number of tenants looking for unfurnished properties is growing, and there are fewer options available unfurnished, so you should still attract tenants.

Factors to consider when deciding on furnishing include;

  • Type of tenants

It helps to have a clear idea of who you are marketing the property to. If you are targeting the student market furniture will most likely be expected, as it will with most young professionals. Families are more likely to have their own furniture, especially those with young children.

  • Quality furniture

Regardless of which type of tenant you are aiming for, all tenants appreciate good quality, matching furniture. If your furniture is old and mismatched, it would be a good idea to either replace or remove and market as unfurnished.

Find out more about what to include in furnished and unfurnished properties.

We can provide a list of recommended furniture following the lettings valuation. 

The property will be professionally cleaned before your tenants move in, however, it is important to make sure it is clean for marketing photographs and viewings. Don’t forget to have the windows cleaned - inside and out - as marks can show up in photographs.

Marketing photographs create the first impression a prospective tenant will have of your property – the one chance to have them click on an advert or scroll past – so it is important they are done right. We use a professional camera and flashgun to show every property at its best.

Some tips for taking marketing photographs include:

  • Tidy with clear surfaces

You want the property to look homely but still tidy. This can be more difficult if there are tenants living in the property, in these situations, we will work with the tenants to ensure photographs are acceptable.

  • Lighting

Take photographs with the lights on and as much natural light as possible. Never take marketing photographs when it is dark outside. A bright day with blue skies is best, but this is not always possible in Edinburgh.

  • Tripod

Use a tripod to take clearer, sharper images.

Some landlords choose to have their property dressed for marketing photographs and viewings, especially where the property is unfurnished. In some cases this can help, however, we would recommend only doing this if the property is not generating enough interest.

Read our tips on creating great marketing photographs on our blog. 

An EPC is a rating of the energy efficiency of a property. All rental properties require a valid EPC before they can be marketed for rent.

If you have recently purchased your property, the EPC will be included in the home report. EPCs are valid for 10 years. Check the Scottish EPC register to find out if your property already has a certificate.

If required, we can arrange an EPC on your behalf. The price currently charged by our contractor is £47.50 +VAT.

A lettings property is a tenants home so we only work with landlords who are willing to provide safe and comfortable properties; our landlords share our ambition to raise the standard of residential lettings properties across Edinburgh.

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