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Property management Edinburgh – whether a single property or investment portfolio – can be a stressful and time consuming task for many landlords, especially when it comes to keeping up to date with safety certificates and implementing changes to legislation. For busy landlords, using a property management company can mean saving valuable time whilst ensuring that their investment is in safe hands; this is why 99% of Clan Gordon landlords choose our Fully Managed Service.

Our Fully Managed Service encompasses all aspects of property management, from the moment a tenant moves in, to returning their deposit at the end of the tenancy, allowing our clients to be as hands off as they like while we take care of everything. We have a dedicated Property Management team so landlords have a clear point of contact.

We understand that every property is different, so we take the time to get to know our clients and provide a fully bespoke service to meet their individual needs. Some landlords simply want to know that their property is being well managed by Clan Gordon and are satisfied with a monthly Management Report, whilst others want a higher level of involvement. We are happy to discuss bespoke management arrangements with all of our clients. 


Our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey found that:


99% of landlords are satisfied with the work carried out by our contractors in terms of cost and quality.


99% of landlords trust Clan Gordon with the complete management of their property.
94% of landlords rated our level of communication as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.


100% of landlords are satisfied that they get good value for money in the service that they receive from Clan Gordon. 

[2016 Client Satisfaction Survey]


Find out more about Clan Gordon property management Edinburgh below:

Property inspections are an important opportunity for our Property Management team to visit a property and ensure that it is being properly maintained during the tenancy. An initial inspection takes place within the first 8 weeks of the tenancy – to check that the tenant has settled in and is looking after the property adequately – followed by 6 monthly inspections.

In addition to ensuring that the property is being maintained properly, we use regular property inspections to check for issues that may deteriorate or cause damage if they are not addressed until the end of the tenancy, such as:

  •          Signs of damp
  •          Cracked grout and tiles
  •          Deterioration of sealant around showers, baths and sinks
  •          Windows are watertight

Landlords are sent an inspection report after each visit, including photographs or every room and notes on any issues found.

If it is found that a tenant is not maintaining a property, or reaching a minimum standard of cleanliness, we write to them in the first instance, providing advice on how to better manage the property. In cases where there is risk of damage to the property we will work closely with the tenant and arrange more regular inspections until the issue has been resolved.  


Since Clan Gordon was established in 2008 we have worked hard to build a team of trusted, local contractors, many of whom we have worked with for years, so we have a great Edinburgh contractor already lined up for every maintenance job that we encounter.

Working closely with an established group of contractors means that they understand how we operate and know the standard of work that we expect in our properties. In order to continue achieving high quality results, with as little disruption to tenants as possible, we prefer to use our trusted contractors for any maintenance issues.

We always strive to get excellent value for money for our clients, without compromising on quality. Our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey found that 99% of landlords are satisfied with the work carried out by our contractors in terms of cost and quality. 

Maintenance works

When a maintenance issue is reported, Natalie will discuss the issue with the tenant and visit the property to get more information if required. Building a full picture of a maintenance issue before contacting a contractor means it can be dealt with more efficiently, and can save our client money in unnecessary contractor visits. If a contractor visit is found to be required, Natalie will then liaise with the tenant to arrange access and have the appropriate contractor attend as soon as possible.

The desired level of involvement in maintenance works varies from landlord to landlord, we aim to get to know how involved each client would like to be, and tailor our maintenance procedure to suit on an individual basis.

Our Agency Agreement allows us to instruct works up to an agreed limit, anything above this level (unless it is an emergency situation) will be discussed with the landlord before proceeding. If the maintenance work will result in a material change, rather than a straight forward repair, we will always take instruction from the landlord, even if the cost is under the agreed amount.

Communication with both landlord and tenant clients is a vital aspect of property management. We introduced a cloud based communication management system a few years ago to ensure that we are communicating as efficiently as possible, helping us to greatly improve our levels of communication and customer service.

Our centralised email system is linked to a support tool, allowing all members of staff to access emails linked to each property. This means that any member of staff can provide a property or maintenance update, even if the team member dealing with it is not available.

98% of our landlords are satisfied with our level of communication, 94% of whom rated our communication as ‘excellent’ or 'very good'. Read the full results of our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey

All of our tenancies are set up so that rent payments are due on the 1st of each month. Standardising in this way means that any late payments – usually due to bank or tenant error – are immediately flagged and can be chased by our team the same day.

Once all rents have been collected, we then process any maintenance deductions and arrange payment of contractors. Rent received, minus deductions and our management fee, is then guaranteed to arrive in client bank accounts by the 20th of each month. Having standardised payment dates means that clients can rely on their rent being paid on time and in full, every month.

In over 2,000 tenancies we have never lost a penny in rent due. We do, however, have stringent procedures in place – including established relationships with local Solicitors and Sheriff Officers – should it ever be necessary to pursue unpaid rent on behalf of a client. 

We regularly update our clients on the Edinburgh lettings market, and assess rent levels across our portfolio accordingly. At Clan Gordon we believe that it is worth holding on to good tenants who are looking after a property well, so think carefully before implementing any rent increases for existing tenants.

When re-advertising a property, we review the market and discuss an appropriate rent level with our client to ensure that our properties are in line with market rents.

100% of our clients are satisfied that their property is achieving the correct level of rent for the current market [2017 Client Satisfaction Survey].


When agreeing a new tenancy we always aim to secure an initial 12 month lease, unless there are extenuating circumstances. At the end of the initial fixed term period, Clan Gordon leases are worded to then run on a periodic basis from month to month, with either party having 2 months notice to end the tenancy.

In some cases, both the landlord and tenant may prefer to enter another fixed term period when the initial period has ended. We are happy to discuss renewal options with both parties to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.  

The majority of tenancies come to an end when the tenant serves two months notice. When a tenant serves notice we:

  •          Confirm the end date with the tenant and inform the landlord as soon as possible
  •          Discuss remarketing options with the landlord (including current rent levels)
  •          Arrange to visit the property to ensure it is ready for remarketing
  •          Advertise the property as soon as possible to minimise void periods

In the event that a landlord would like to end a tenancy we:

  •          Inform the tenants of the landlords intentions as early as possible
  •          Serve notice on behalf of the landlord following strict predetermined procedures 

When a tenancy comes to an end, Thomas visits the property to carry out a check out. For us, the check out is one of the most important stages in the property management process; it has to be carefully managed to ensure that the property is continuously maintained to a high standard, and is ready for the new tenant to move in.

The overwhelming majority of our tenants leave the property in the same condition as when they moved in, subject to normal wear and tear, and some properties simply need some additional cleaning. In the cases where there has been slightly more wear and tear than was expected – such as marks on walls or stained carpets – we negotiate a sensible deposit deduction with the tenant.

During a check out Thomas will:

  •          Note and photograph any cleaning required, damage and wear and tear
  •          Note and photograph any maintenance issues
  •          Note and photograph the meter readings

All of the above is done using a copy of the original inventory signed by the tenants, and a tablet computer with specialist inventory app, which is then used to create a check out report. Copies of the report and given to the landlord and the tenant.

Using the check out report, we compile a list of issues and obtain quotes from our team of contractors to send on to the tenants. We work closely with the tenants to negotiate any remedial costs and agree a settlement figure from their deposit. In the majority of cases the tenant will agree to the costs, however if an agreement cannot be reached it may go to arbitration with the TDS provider.

We have never lost money to tenant damage in the 9 years that we have been operating. This is mainly due to the fact that we work closely with tenants and establish a good relationship from the start. Treating our tenants fairly, and in the same way we would our landlord clients, means that we have a minimal level of disagreements regarding deposit claims. 

Every Clan Gordon landlord receives a detailed management report each month. The management report is compiled and sent by Paula and includes:

  •          Any financial transactions on the clients account
  •          Any maintenance work carried out that month 

We advise all landlords on safety legislation for private rented properties, and can arrange certificates on behalf of landlords. Find out more about safety certificates