Our team will take care of every stage of Property Management for you, eliminating stress and, most importantly, ensuring that you and your property always exceed lettings legislation. As a Clan Gordon landlord, you can relax knowing your property is in safe hands.

100% of landlords and 97% of tenants trust Clan Gordon as their property management agency.

Complete Property Management in Edinburgh

Each property and tenancy are different; we take the time to get to know you and work together to create a bespoke service that meets your needs. Our Edinburgh Property Management service includes;

All properties are inspected within the first 8 weeks, followed by ongoing 6-monthly inspections.

In addition to checking that your tenant is looking after the property, we proactively inspect for issues that may escalate and cause damage including:

  • Signs of damp – we have a damp meter to check walls and behind tiles
  • Cracked grout and tiles
  • Deterioration of sealant
  • Deterioration of windows

If we find your tenant is not maintaining the property to the standard we would expect, we will work with them to resolve the issue and schedule additional inspections until we are satisfied.

You will receive a photographic report after each inspection, so you know your property is being looked after throughout the tenancy.

Over the last decade we have established a team of local contractors, who we know work to our high standards, so no matter what maintenance issues arise, we can handle it quickly without compromising on quality.

98% of landlords are satisfied with the work carried out by our contractors in terms of cost and speed [2019 Landlord Satisfaction Survey].

To avoid unnecessary call out charges, we discuss maintenance issues fully with tenants, requesting photographs or visiting the property ourselves, before instructing a contractor.

Every property in our portfolio is fully compliant with current safety legislation so you never have to worry about your tenants being at risk. We only work with landlords who are willing to meet these standards. Our team ensures all certificates remain in date, book new certificates when required, and provide copies for you and your tenants.

Find a full breakdown of safety requirements for lettings properties (and costs) here.

Private Residential Tenancy rents can be reviewed annually, tenants must be given 3 months’ notice. We regularly assess rent levels across our portfolio to ensure that our rents are accurate and fair in the current market.

99% of landlords are satisfied that the rent achieved for their property is accurate in the current market [2019 Landlord Satisfaction Survey].

Private Residential Tenancies do not have an end date; tenancies continue until the landlord or tenant gives notice. Find out more about the PRT.

In situations where your tenant serves notice, we will contact you immediately to let you know and discuss your options for remarketing the property. If you choose to remarket, we work with the tenant to ensure the property is up to standard and ready to advertise as soon as possible, minimising void periods.

Our main goal when checking-out your tenant is to ensure that the standard of your property has been maintained and is ready to be remarketed to find new tenants.

We carry out a thorough check-out at every property, comparing the current condition to the original inventory. The check-out is a photographic report, created on an iPad, recording;

  • The condition of all aspects of the property and furnishings
  • Any cleaning required
  • Meter readings
  • Any damage beyond fair wear and tear

The check-out report is sent both to you and your tenant. We work on your behalf to negotiate any remedial costs with your outgoing tenant and agree on a settlement figure from their deposit.

How much does property management in Edinburgh cost?

Edinburgh Property management is charged as a percentage of the monthly rental amount. The price of property management can vary depending upon the quality and location of the property. Contact us on 0131 555 4444 or book a rental valuation to get an accurate property management quote.

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Meet our Property Management team
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Mike Brogan

Senior Property Manager

Our 2019 Landlord Satisfaction Survey found that...

100% of landlords and 97% of tenants trust Clan Gordon with the management of their property

98% of landlords and 97% tenants are satisfied with the level of customer service that they receive.

99% of landlords are satisfied with their Clan Gordon tenants.

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