Property Investment In Edinburgh – All You Need To Know

Investing In property in edinburgh

How often have you heard the phrase “property is where the smart money is” and wondered how to get on the investment ladder? With interest rates low, many people are looking for an alternative to traditional saving methods, but moving into the property market can seem like a daunting step.

At Clan Gordon, we’ve been helping people dip their toes into the Edinburgh buy-to-let market for more than 13 years, providing expert advice about areas that offer the highest rental yields and the best types of property to buy. 

Where’s the smart money? Property v Savings

Putting money into a savings account feels like a safe bet, but with interest rates of around 0.6%, based on the current Bank of England base rate of 0.1%, your money will grow very slowly. Even tying your savings into longer-term investments offers a return of only around 1.7%.

Property consistently outperforms other types of investment, and smart purchases can offer a great return. Clan Gordon’s extensive experience in the Edinburgh property market provides reassurance that you’ll make the right choice, and our complete property management service means we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Why let property in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is one of the UK’s top destination cities, popular with tourists and residents alike. It also has a bustling student population, creating huge demand for rental properties to accommodate the thousands who move there to study.

Events such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival bring thousands more visitors to the city, all looking for somewhere to stay, so there’s a regular and ready supply of short and long-term tenants in need of rental properties.

Properties in Edinburgh consistently offer high rental yields, and those presented in ‘as new’ condition or with outside space and additional rooms are quickly snapped up by tenants.

Where To Buy Investment Property In Edinburgh? 

Knowing where to buy is crucial when you’re entering the buy-to-let market. A property in an unpopular part of the city, or too far from transport links, could mean it’s harder to find tenants, and you have more extended void periods between lets.

The pandemic has had an impact on the types of property and areas tenants are searching for. Working from home means people are looking for additional space for a home office, and courtyards and gardens are more in demand.

Tenants are willing to sacrifice proximity to stations and bus routes, and even closeness to the city centre, in return for more inside and outside space. Clan Gordon lets more than 500 properties in Edinburgh. Our qualified property management professionals agents have their finger on the pulse and can advise investors on the latest market trends and demands.

Expert advice to make the right decision

At Clan Gordon, we offer a complete property investment service to guide you through the process from start to finish. Whether you’re new to property investment or want advice on your existing portfolio, we have the experience, expertise, and in-depth local knowledge to help you make the right choice.

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