The Role Of Letting Agents In Edinburgh’s Dynamic Lettings Market

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Edinburgh’s private rental market continues to boom and with properties in short supply, most are let within days or are snapped up before even being advertised. 

Scotland’s capital city is one of the most desirable places in the world to live, and no wonder with its eclectic mix of shops and restaurants plus stunning scenery and places to visit on its doorstep.  

Rents in Edinburgh are amongst the highest in Scotland, and rental yields are consistently strong. So, with such a flourishing property scene, what is the role of the letting agent, and why are they important? 

Helping you navigate the rental market 

If you’re looking for a property to rent or have a home to let out, letting agents have the expertise and experience to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have their ears to the ground and can provide the most up-to-date information and guidance. 

Finding a property in the city, whether it’s a studio flat or a four-bedroom house, is challenging due to demand outstripping supply. Registering with a reputable letting agent puts you in a stronger position because you’ll be alerted as soon as a suitable property becomes available – and often before it’s widely advertised. 

A letting agent will find out exactly what you’re looking for to match you with your perfect property. You can get all the paperwork done in advance, such as credit checks and references, so you’re ready to proceed as soon as you find your dream home. 

This puts you in a stronger position than other prospective tenants who may be competing for a property. If a landlord knows all your checks have been completed, you’re likely to be top of the list. 

Providing crucial local knowledge 

Letting agents also have expert knowledge of the best – and worst – areas to live in the city and can tailor your search depending on your priorities. Maybe you need good transport links or want to live in a quiet neighbourhood with lots of open space. A letting agent will find the perfect spot. 

Matching your property with great tenants 

For landlords, Edinburgh’s best-letting agents provide a vital service in sourcing reputable tenants, managing properties and ensuring they are well maintained. Finding tenants is clearly no problem in the city’s flourishing rental market, so it can be tempting to bypass an agent and let the property yourself. However, it’s important to carefully carry out all the necessary checks to be certain tenants are reliable and will pay their rent on time. 

If you’re not accustomed to doing credit checks and references yourself, you might miss something that would be a red flag to a letting agent so it’s worth relying on their expertise to help you choose the right tenants. 

Easing the headache of property management 

Managing a buy-to-let can be a headache, especially if it’s not your full-time job. There are lots of legal obligations landlords must fulfil, such as carrying out safety inspections and registering tenants’ deposits in a recognised scheme.   

You’ll also need to carry out regular inspections and look after maintenance and repairs—including responding to that 3 am call when your tenant’s key breaks in the front door lock! 

A good letting agent can take care of everything for you, so you can relax in the knowledge that your property is being looked after and your tenants are happy. Due to their own network of tradespeople, they can also get more competitive rates for building and repair work, so maintaining your property can cost you less. 

Helping You Find The Perfect Investment 

If you’re a first-time investor in Edinburgh’s property rental market, a letting agent can offer invaluable advice about the right area and type of property to buy. Areas go in and out of popularity, so it’s always worth speaking to an agent who has their ear to the ground. Agents often hear about properties that are being put up for sale before they’re advertised, too, so using an agent can give you an edge over other buyers. 

At Clan Gordon, we’ve got more than 15 years’ experience in Edinburgh’s buy-to-let market and can offer guidance on buying properties for investment and letting properties in the city. Arrange a call with one of our expert advisors to find out more. 

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