Top 10 Reasons Landlords Should Use A Letting Agent

Whether you’ve invested in an Edinburgh buy-to-let property or found yourself with one to manage, every landlord needs to find the best way to ensure you get the most from your property with the least amount of stress. 

Being a landlord can be challenging, and it’s not easy if you don’t have the expertise and experience to tackle all the issues you could face. Vetting tenants, managing safety inspections, responding to emergency calls, and drawing up tenancy agreements are all on a landlord’s list of responsibilities.

Using a trusted letting agent like Clan Gordon will ensure that property management professionals manage your property, taking the stress out of owning a rental property. 

Here are 10 reasons why using an agent is the smart option:

1. Letting Agents Advertise Your Property More Widely

As Edinburgh’s leading letting agent, Clan Gordon advertises our landlords’ rental properties on all leading websites, including Rightmove, Zoopla, Citylets and OnTheMarket. This means as many potential tenants will see your buy-to-let as possible within a very short space of time. 

2. A Good Letting Agent Will Help You Find Great Tenants

Clan Gordon’s reputation for taking good care of tenants means we attract the best tenants seeking exceptional rental properties in Edinburgh. This means we find our landlords new tenants fast! And when your tenants vacate, we’ll quickly find replacements to minimize void periods.

3. You Never Have To Worry About Vetting Your Tenants

Every landlord wants responsible tenants who can be relied on to pay their rent on time and look after their property. A responsible letting agent will carry out all the checks for you, so you always have the reassurance that your property is in safe hands. 

4. Letting Agents Can Advise On Setting A Realistic Rent

No landlord wants an empty property that no one wants to let. Charging an inflated rent is a sure-fire way to ensure your property sits vacant while others all around are let. So it is critical that you price your let at the going market rate. A trusted letting agent with a good understanding of the local rental market can advise you here. At Clan Gordon, we never inflate rental prices. We are always open and honest with our landlords so they know what is realistically achievable to get the right tenants secured.

5. You Letting Agent Will Arrange Your Tenancy Agreement

Legally your tenancy agreement must meet specific standards, and the Scottish Government provides a model for landlords to follow. A letting agent will ensure all the paperwork is completed correctly, so it complies with the regulations. 

6. You Won’t Need To Lose Sleep Over Safety Compliance

Landlords must carry out regular checks on gas and electrical appliances and water systems. You are legally obliged to install smoke alarms and retain all documentation for reference. A letting agent takes the headache away by managing all safety compliance with the knowledge and experience to know what’s needed. 

7. Letting Agents Will Organise Repairs And Renovations For You

Your property might need renovation before it’s ready to let, or it may need repairs between lets. A letting agent can manage all of this – and at Clan Gordon, we have a trusted team of local tradespeople in Edinburgh who can be relied on to complete any necessary work.

8. They Will Help Move Your Tenants In

When tenants first move in, they need to be shown how everything works – and that’s not always possible if you don’t live nearby. Letting agents can be there on moving day to check everything runs smoothly and talk your tenants through everything from boiler controls to the burglar alarm.

9. A Respectable Letting Agent Should Look After Your Interests

A good letting agent should always have your interests at heart and will make sure your property is looked after, so you never need to worry. At Clan Gordon, we carry out regular inspections to check your property is in good order and complete an independent photographic inventory to keep track of your fixtures and fittings.

10. They Will Be There To Take Care Of Emergencies

When you’re a landlord, you dread the 3 am call for a burst pipe, but it’s all taken care of with a letting agent. As well as looking after routine maintenance and repairs, an agent will handle emergency call-outs and fix the problem.

Clan Gordon has been providing exceptional management of rental properties in Edinburgh for more than 13 years. We are Edinburgh’s highest-rated agent, trusted by more than 500 landlords. To find how our landlords always enjoy peace of mind their property is taken care of, schedule a call with our qualified property management team today.


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