Top Tips To Make Sure Your Edinburgh Buy-To-Let Wins The Attention Of The Best Tenants

With record high rents in Scotland’s capital city, tenants are keen to get a property in good condition and bag the best properties. And while most landlords have no trouble securing tenants due to demand outstripping supply, finding reliable and reputable tenants with grade A references can be where the greater challenge lies.

So, what’s the best way to ensure your property is showcased to tenants in a way that displays all its best features and attracts the top candidates? Working with a reputable Edinburgh letting agent who knows the local market definitely gives you a head start…

At Clan Gordon, we advertise with all the leading online property sites, not just one or two, so you know your buy-to-let is always getting maximum exposure. We also advise landlords on upgrades and renovations to make the most of their properties, as well as offering guidance on the desirable extras the best tenants look for.

But it’s the initial photographs that draw tenants in. Many make a decision after browsing just one or two images so achieving that ‘wow’ factor with every snap is important. Potential tenants usually shortlist properties by flicking through photos online, even if they’re using an agent to help them find their dream home.

When it comes to photographs, there are a few dos and don’t that are worth following to make sure you get it right:

Capture The Kerb Appeal

Take a photo of the outside of the property on a bright, sunny day to show it in its best light. Make sure the windows are sparkling, the dustbins are hidden away and the weeds are gone! Tenants who don’t live nearby may not be able to do a drive by so they’ll rely on photos to do their initial sift.

Get Your Rental Property Well Dressed

Take time to ‘dress’ your property before the photo shoot. If you’ve got tenants in situ, give them plenty of notice and ask them to tidy away personal belongings so every room looks like a blank canvas. You want prospective tenants to be able to imagine themselves living in your property and putting their own personal touch on it.

Don’t Try To Over Sell

We’ve all seen photos that make rooms look far bigger than they actually are – the fisheye effect! Tenants are wise to these tactics and may well avoid your property if every room is photographed in this way. Keep it real and make sure all the images accurately reflect what your property has to offer.

Fill An Empty Shell

If your property is empty, consider borrowing furniture to take the photos and add some flourishes such as cushions and lamps. Tenants find it far easier to imagine their own belongings in situ if they have something to base it on. A completely empty room gives no idea of size or dimensions.

Let There Be Light

Choose a bright day to take photographs, open the curtains and make sure windows are sparkling. Photograph in the middle of the day and add lamps or uplighters to brighten dark corners.

Tenants won’t be attracted to a gloomy property so turn on all the lights and move lamps from room to room if necessary to create as much light as possible.

In years gone by, a professional photographer was required to get top quality shots but camera phones now offer the ability to take your own pictures to a decent standard – as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Photos need to be sharp, so a wobbly hand is a definite no! If you don’t have a tripod, rest your phone on a solid, flat object – wonky won’t do either. Take plenty of shots so you can choose the best and review them as you go.

Order, order!

When posting your photos online, choose a logical order that flows through the property. Select the best shot as your main image – usually the front of the property unless you have a kitchen or bathroom to die for.

Call In The Edinburgh Letting Experts

If you want to go a step further and get expert help to promote your Edinburgh buy-to-let, we can help. We’ve been letting homes for landlords in the capital for more than 15 years and we know what sells.

We use professional cameras, virtual 360 tours and floor plans to ensure properties are marketed as well as possible.  Schedule a call with one of our expert property managers today for a no-hassle property letting experience.

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