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Existing Tenants

As a Clan Gordon tenant, we work with you to ensure your property is managed well and help you understand your responsibilities as a tenant. Please report any maintenance issues that arise in your property to allow us to have them rectified for you quickly. We want you to have the best experience possible as a Clan Gordon tenant, contact us on or 0131 555 4444 if you have any questions regarding your tenancy.

You can find information below regarding emergency maintenance, routine maintenance issues and tenancy guidelines. Our tenant blog is also packed with tips and advice for you to ensure your renting experience is positive.


Dealing With An Emergency

What is an emergency?  When it comes to your tenancy, an emergency situation is one where there is a risk of injury to you or ongoing damage being caused to the property. Call our office (0131 555 4444) if you are experiencing an emergency. Out of hours, contact details are available on the recorded message.

Please note: If you arrange an emergency contractor visit and your issue is found not to be an emergency, you will be charged for the cost of the emergency call-out fee.

See below for what to do in the following emergency situations:

If you smell gas

Do not turn any electrical switches off or on if you smell gas in your property. The first step is to turn off the gas supply at the emergency control valve, which you will find next to the gas meter. Evacuate the property immediately and phone the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.


If there is a leak

If you become aware of a leak in your property, immediately turn off the water using the stopcock. Turn the stopcock in an anti-clockwise direction to switch off. If possible, use a bucket to collect the water.

If the leak is isolated – if it is coming from the dishwasher or toilet, for example – you can use the isolator valve to limit water to that part of the system. There is an isolator valve behind most appliances, which can be turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise to switch off the water supply to the appliance.

If there is a leak from the roof

A leak from the roof can be a common issue in Edinburgh tenements, especially during storms; the action to be taken depends on the volume of water coming in. A trickle of water can wait until our office opens, use a bucket to collect the water and protect flooring. Phone our emergency number if there is a significant amount of water.

If there is a leak from a neighbouring property

You may notice a leak coming from an adjoining property with, for example, the appearance of a wet patch on the ceiling. Firstly, contact the occupier of the property and ask them to turn their water off before any further damage is done. The phone City of Edinburgh Council if you are unable to contact the neighbour. The emergency number is 0131 200 2000.

If you have no water in the building

If you have no water coming into your property, it is likely to be an issue affecting the whole building and the surrounding area. Call Scottish Water on 0845 600 8855 for advice.

If there is a fire

Evacuate the property and phone 999 immediately.


In the event of a break in

During your tenancy

Please read through this information for guidelines on maintenance and other issues that may arise during your tenancy. Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help with.

Report a maintenance issue

If you encounter a maintenance issue, please let us know immediately by emailing Include a full description of the issue and photographs (if possible). This will help us appoint the best contractor. Alternatively, you can contact our Property Management team on 0131 555 4444 during office hours (9am - 5pm Monday - Thursday & 9am to 4pm Friday).

We will keep you updated on progress and let you know when contractors will be attending. You will always be given notice of a contractor visit, except in an emergency situation where there is ongoing damage to the property.

Failure to report a maintenance issue or repair, which then deteriorates causing further damage to the property, may result in withholding all or part of your deposit. 

Utilities and Council Tax

We will take meter readings (gas and electricity) at the beginning of your tenancy. We will contact the utility provider with the meter readings and your contact details to change the existing accounts into your name.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to contact the utility providers (we will give you the details) to set up payment plans for your accounts. You must also contact the local council to set up an account and payment plan.


It is your responsibility to arrange for contents insurance to cover your own possessions; policies providing cover for accidental damage to your landlords' property are also available.
Your landlord will have cover already in place for the building and any contents belonging to them.

Garden Maintenance

If your property includes a private garden, it is your responsibility to maintain it to a reasonable, seasonal standard. Your landlord will provide tools to allow you to do so.

For a shared garden, you will have shared responsibility with the other residents for garden maintenance. This may include paying a share towards a regular gardener. We will do our best to let you know if this is the case when you view the property.

Property Inspections

Your property will be inspected by our Property Management team within the first 8 weeks of your tenancy, followed by ongoing 6-monthly visits. Inspections are an opportunity for us to check for any issues that may escalate and cause damage to the property if they are left until the end of your tenancy, such as:
• Signs of damp
• Cracked grout and tiles
• Deterioration of sealant
• Deterioration of windows
You will be given notice of when an inspection will be taking place. Please let us know if you have any specific maintenance issues that you would like us to look at while we are there.

Utilities and Council Tax

Although we ask all of our landlords and previous tenants to set up a mail redirection, occasionally some items can be missed. We would be grateful if you can forward any mail for your landlord to our office, but please let us know if you are receiving significant amounts.

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you have an obligation to forward us any formal notices that arrive at the property.

At Clan Gordon, we want all of our tenants to feel happy and settled in their new home. To help, we have created the below videos, please contact us if there is a topic you would find helpful that we have not already covered.

How to look after your Clan Gordon property

We know that getting a full deposit back at the end of a tenancy is important to our tenants, this video will provide some tips on how to ensure that this is achieved. The below video provides an overview on how to maintain your property during a tenancy, including information on cleaning and ventilation.

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