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Existing Tenants

As a Clan Gordon tenant, we work with you to ensure your property is managed well and help you understand your responsibilities as a tenant. Please report any maintenance issues that arise in your property to allow us to have them rectified for you quickly. We want you to have the best experience possible as a Clan Gordon tenant, contact us on or 0131 555 4444 if you have any questions regarding your tenancy.

You can find information below regarding emergency maintenance, routine maintenance issues and tenancy guidelines. Our tenant blog is also packed with tips and advice for you to ensure your renting experience is positive.


Dealing With An Emergency

What is an emergency?  When it comes to your tenancy, an emergency situation is one where there is a risk of injury to you or ongoing damage being caused to the property. Call our office (0131 555 4444) if you are experiencing an emergency. Out of hours, contact details are available on the recorded message.

Please note: If you arrange an emergency contractor visit and your issue is found not to be an emergency, you will be charged for the cost of the emergency call-out fee.

See below for what to do in the following emergency situations:

During your tenancy

Please read through this information for guidelines on maintenance and other issues that may arise during your tenancy. Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help with.

At Clan Gordon, we want all of our tenants to feel happy and settled in their new home. To help, we have created the below videos, please contact us if there is a topic you would find helpful that we have not already covered.

How to look after your Clan Gordon property

We know that getting a full deposit back at the end of a tenancy is important to our tenants, this video will provide some tips on how to ensure that this is achieved. The below video provides an overview on how to maintain your property during a tenancy, including information on cleaning and ventilation.

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