Property Investment - Elliot Street, Edinburgh

Elliot Street ,Edinburgh

Investing in Edinburgh is something most if not all Edinburgh letting agents offer to help clients with.

Saying you can do it and actually doing it are two different things of course. We helped our client buy a flat in Elliot Street off-market with sitting tenants last year. Although in reasonable condition for letting we knew the property would benefit from some improvements and planned a renovation for when the existing tenants left.

  • The previous tenants were paying £620/month rent
  • They gave notice and left on 30 June 2019
  • We renovated the bathroom and kitchen and added new decor, carpets and furniture
  • The works took 11 days and we secured new tenants at £775/month on 19 July
  • That's an increase of 25% on the rent and less than 3 weeks void period

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