Handling property maintenance during the switch to a new letting agent

When you’re switching between Edinburgh letting agents, it’s important to ensure any outstanding maintenance issues are promptly dealt with so your property doesn’t fall into disrepair and tenants aren’t left waiting for work to be completed. 

Switching agents is a straightforward process for both landlords and tenants, but it’s easy for things to slip through the net during the transition if it’s not carefully managed.  

Prioritise outstanding maintenance issues 

Your current letting agent should have a record of any outstanding maintenance and repairs that need to be completed, so make sure these are passed to the new agent. Check how long ago they were reported and when your tenants were expecting work to be carried out. 

Ensure the new agent prioritises any urgent issues and that ongoing maintenance tasks continue without interruption. If you have already paid your current agent for repairs or maintenance, ensure the work is satisfactorily completed before switching.  

Liaise with contractors 

You may have already agreed for a contractor to carry out work on your property so let them know that you are changing letting agent and provide them with the new contact details. Check that your new agent is happy to manage the work that’s already been organised and confirm any prices quoted. 

You may need to manage the work yourself while switching to ensure it’s carried out on time and your tenants aren’t inconvenienced.  

Agree with your new agent on how you would like future maintenance and repairs managed. You may be happy for the agent to sanction work up to a certain value, or you may prefer to sign off on all work, whatever the amount. 

Keep tenants informed about maintenance and repairs when switching letting agents 

Ensure your tenants are informed about maintenance and repairs they’ve reported and provide them with a clear timeline, so they know what’s happening. If there are delays, keep them updated – especially while the switch is taking place, so they don’t feel out of the loop.  

 You also need to ensure they know who to contact if they have any issues. Some agents have an online reporting system, while others prefer a phone call, so check that this has been communicated to your tenants by the new agent. 

Take extra time to check in with your tenants during the switch if they are waiting for maintenance or repairs, just to ensure nothing goes astray and they are left unsure what to do.  

For advice about switching letting agent, schedule a no-obligation call with one of our professional property managers.  

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