How Landlords can Build Better

Relations with Tenants

A landlord/tenant relationship is, in its basic sense, a business deal. And, like most business deals, the better the relationship between both sides, the smoother the process.

Getting on with one another just makes so much more sense for both sides – and reminds you, as a landlord, why you went in to property in the first place.

So, what can you do to facilitate a happy tenant/landlord relationship? Here are some of our suggestions:

Attend to maintenance issues quickly

If you’re tenants heating stops working or there’s a leaky tap then ensure you attend to these matters as if it was your own home. It’s their home, after all. They’ll appreciate your promptness. The fact you took their issue seriously shows you care about them as tenants. And it’s a fact that tenants who feel appreciated, stay longer.

Help new tenants

Put yourself in the shoes of your new renters and think about what they might need. For instance, provide them with the name of a reliable internet provider, maybe even a removal firm or a list of inexpensive utility companies. Chances are they won’t have had a chance to do many of these things themselves as they’ve been too busy packing up at their old place.

Be honest with money

Don’t cover up additional charges by being vague about the high council tax cost or the average utility bill. Be truthful too about room sizes and never photograph the flat for advert listings using a fisheye lens (people have been onto this trick for years).

If there’s a bunch of noisy students upstairs then say so – your tenants will find out for themselves soon enough anyway. Just let them know that you’ve spoken with them before and to let you know if it bothers them.

Communicate well with tenants

Don’t ignore a call from your tenants because you think it’s going to be a nightmare repair and you can’t deal with the hassle at that point in time.

Remember it’s a business transaction and they’re paying for your flat so deserve to have everything working, and in order.

Give them a mobile number and email so they have a good chance of reaching you wherever you happen to be.

Tell them where their deposit is

It’s a legal requirement in Scotland to let a tenant know which one of three possible Tenancy Deposit agencies you’ve put their money into. It also gives the tenant a sense of security knowing where their money is.

At the same time, it shows you’re a responsible landlord who is keen to keep things legal and above board.

Be approachable

Let tenants know that you’re keen to know about any maintenance issues as soon as they arrive. Doing so will not only make them feel valued but mean there’s less likelihood of further damage - for example, with a leaking shower eventually causing dampness on the wall.

It’s not unheard of for some landlords to leave a welcome card and even a bunch of flowers for new tenants moving in to their rental property.

For more tips on keeping your tenants happy take a look through our blog. Or, if you’re looking for us to take care of your tenants here at Clan Gordon then get in touch today on 0131 555 4444.

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