Investing From Abroad – Why Edinburgh Is So Desirable

Investing In property in edinburgh

Investing From Abroad – Why Edinburgh Is So Desirable

The worldwide COVID pandemic has impacted global financial markets and businesses, making investment decisions more challenging than ever. But in the UK, property is one area that has continued to provide a sound investment opportunity, with house prices growing more than 10% in the 12 months to the end of the summer.

This is partly attributed to government incentives, including the freeze on Stamp Duty and LBTT, but lenders and estate agents predict continued growth in the property market in the coming months. The Bank of England opted not to increase the base interest rate at the beginning of November, and mortgage deals with attractive interest rates are abundant, even for buy-to-let properties.

Hong Kong investors interest in Edinburgh properties 

Earlier this year, the UK was named the top global property investment hotspot in a survey by international law firm DLA Piper. Of 500 high-net-worth investors and asset managers interviewed, 33% said they wanted to invest in UK property in 2021. 

The stable UK market means buyers from as far as Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA are looking to invest, and Edinburgh is top of the list for many. Scotland's capital was ranked one of the world's 20 most liveable cities by ECA International in February 2020 and has won numerous awards for its architecture and environment.

Rental yields in Edinburgh are consistently high, and property is in demand, especially city centre apartments. Owners of buy-to-let properties need to be reassured that they won't face lengthy periods without tenants, and Edinburgh provides this security. 

Edinburgh provides a more affordable investment opportunity

While London is the top destination for many overseas investors, prices are high, and the less desirable areas offer more affordable options, carrying the risk of long down periods without rent. Edinburgh offers more affordable investment options. As well as savvy financial investors looking for a strong return on their money in one of the world's most sought-after cities, Scottish expats also buy in Edinburgh because they know the area is desirable so homes can be easily let, and they'll have an attractive property to return to later in life.

Securing A Property 

Buying a property when you're not in the country can be a challenge, from organising viewings to securing finance and moving money. Some lenders won't offer a mortgage to overseas buyers, and it's more difficult to find the right property if you're only viewing online. 

The best properties are quickly snapped up, so being on the ground to negotiate is always an advantage. Time differences and the lack of face-to-face contact can mean missing out on the best deals.

Maximise Potential By Appointing An Agent

For international property investors, appointing an agent is a good way to maximise potential and ensure you buy the right property at the right price. Clan Gordon has extensive expertise with overseas investors living in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe and can help source a lender who is willing to provide a mortgage to clients living abroad. 

Our bespoke service can also identify suitable properties and negotiate the purchase, organise renovations and find tenants. We stage the property and ensure photographs reflect the property in the best light to achieve the highest possible rent, without any hassle for the investor.

For more information about Clan Gordon's property investment service for overseas investors – and property investors living closer to home, schedule a call with our Business Development Manager here.

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