Landlord Registration


Good landlords and Edinburgh letting agents work hard to provide quality property for tenants to rent and live in and have long been frustrated at the lack of enforcement against agents and landlords which don't meet their legal obligations. We've often challenged the local council and the government on what they are doing to enforce new rules and regulations.

The Scottish Government has now consulted on Landlord Registration and has introduced changes from September 2019. We think it is a good starting point for better awareness and enforcement by local authorities..

The aim is to provide greater awareness of landlord's legal obligations at what is their key touch point with landlords. From September all new landlords registering and those renewing their registration will be required to confirm that they are meeting their legal obligations and specifically that their property:

  • has a current gas safety certificate (must be renewed annually)
  • has a current Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) or Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) (must be "Satisfactory" renewed every five years)
  • has a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate (must be renewed annually)
  • meets statutory guidance for provision of fire, smoke and heat detection and alarms
  • meets statutory guidance for carbon monoxide detection and alarms
  • has Scottish Water supplied mains water OR meets required regulations for private water supplies
  • has a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • has had a legionella risk assessment and addressed any identified risks
  • has appropriate buildings insurance

It also goes on to check you are aware of your obligations regarding common repairs, tenancy deposits, Repairing Standard and Tolerable Standard.

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