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Renting with Children

Property Rentals With Children

Renting is becoming increasing popular for young families as it is widely seen as being more affordable than buying, and also provides increased flexibility in terms of location and type of property. We take a look at some of the main considerations for families who are looking to rent their next home.

Outside Space

Having access to outside space can be a deal breaker for some families when looking for a lettings property. When it comes to outside space, the main considerations are:

Private garden – Properties with private gardens can be in short supply in the city centre, and so can command premium rents. If private outside space is essential, then it may be best to focus your search on residential areas out with the city centre.

Communal garden – Many tenement style properties in Edinburgh come with access to a shared garden. When outside space is shared with other residents it is best to check the etiquette with regard to, for example, having toys in the garden. This can vary from property to property, depending upon the other residents who share the garden. The agent showing you the property will most likely be able to advise on the experience of previous tenants.

Security – Checking that a space is secure is important for both private and communal gardens. Some gardens may not be completely enclosed or have a gate, so you should ensure that the space is suitable depending upon the age of your children.

Outside Storage – Children often have outdoor toys such as bikes, scooters, and even trampolines that need to be stored. In some properties, it is possible to store bikes in the communal hallway, but it others this is not permitted, so always check when viewing a property.



The number of unfurnished lettings properties is increasing across Edinburgh, however, the majority are still provided fully furnished.

Bedroom furniture - When renting with children, especially younger children, you will most likely have your own bedroom furniture as furniture specifically for children is unlikely to be provided by a landlord. This may pose an issue if you are looking to rent a furnished property as bedroom furniture will already be included. One option would be to store the existing bedroom furniture and use your own, however, this would most likely be at the cost of the tenant and would require the landlord's consent in advance. It is best to discuss any concerns regarding furniture with the letting agent before applying for a property.

White goods – All lettings properties come with white goods included – fridge/ freezer, oven, washing machine etc. – regardless of if they are advertised as furnished or unfurnished. However, appliances such as dishwashers and tumble dryers are not classed as essential so do not have to be provided by a landlord. If these items are a deal-breaker for you then check at the viewing if they are already fitted in the property.



Although most lettings properties in Edinburgh come with access to parking of some kind – most commonly on street, allocated or permit – the proximity of the available parking to the property can vary. If you have very young children, this could be a consideration when selecting a property.

Depending upon the area where you are renting, on-street permit parking could be tricky if you have very young children as it may not always be possible to park close to the property. Although this is not a concern for most tenants, it might make life more difficult if you are juggling buggies, car seats and other baby paraphernalia. If possible, check out the on-street parking before committing to a property.


School Catchment Areas

If you have school-age children, catchment areas will be an important factor in your property search. Local school catchment areas for both primary and secondary can be checked on the City of Edinburgh Council website. Please note that the closest school to the property may not always be the catchment school so it is advisable to check either online or with the school directly.

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