Switching Letting Agent – It’s As Easy As A-B-C!

Many Edinburgh landlords think switching letting agent will be too much hassle for both themselves and their tenants. Some even wrongly believe they can’t make a change until their current tenancy ends.

So, what’s the truth?

Putting up with an agent who doesn’t provide a good service is like paying for a three-course meal and receiving a sandwich. If you’ve signed up for regular property inspections, safety checks, repairs and prompt response to emergency calls, then that’s what you should expect.

Don’t Suffer A Poor Property Management Service

When a letting agent gives poor service, tenants become frustrated. Issues such as regular maintenance not being carried out or problems not being dealt with promptly can encourage them to look for a new property, which means the landlord loses out.

If you’re an Edinburgh landlord who values their tenants and isn’t receiving good service from their letting agent, what’s stopping you from switching? You don’t have to wait until your current tenancy ends because the tenancy agreement is between you and your tenant, the agent is just acting as your representative.

Make The Move by switching letting agents

It’s easy to make a smooth transition to a new letting agent if you follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Check the notice period on the contract with your letting agent
  2. Give notice to leave in writing. Ask for confirmation of the end date and ensure it allows time for you to change your tenant’s rent payment to the new agent
  3. Get your tenant’s details from your current agent and check they are correct and up to date before passing them on to your new agent
  4. Choose a reputable and reliable letting agent – check their Google reviews to see what tenants think

Clan Gordon’s switching service is even simpler – you give notice to your landlord, and we do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to worry about the awkward conversations or paperwork hassles.

Trust The Edinburgh Letting Experts

At Clan Gordon, we’ve been looking after rental homes for Edinburgh landlords for more than 15 years, and we pride ourselves in the exceptional service we provide. We only work with landlords whose properties meet high standards, and surveys show that 100% of landlords and 97% of tenants trust us to manage their properties, so we must be doing something right!

Landlords who’ve switched letting agents to Clan Gordon say they prefer the personal service provided by a smaller company. And despite being small, we’re perfectly formed! All our advisors are fully trained and qualified members of ARLA, the leading membership body for letting agents, and we make sure their knowledge is kept up to date.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Read Our Reviews

Reviews on Google are a great way to check if a letting agent is up to scratch, and we’re proud of the feedback we receive:

“By far the friendliest and most helpful letting agent in Edinburgh. Absolutely brilliant service, and as cheesy as it sounds, it's done with a genuine smile - which does make a difference. I really can't praise them enough!”

Kyle, Clan Gordon tenant

“I cannot recommend Clan Gordon highly enough. I’ve been overseas for much of the time they have looked after my flat for me. They have seamlessly, professionally and cheerfully dealt with the full gamut of issues, from finding tenants to recommending and overseeing renovations to sorting maintenance issues. Their advice and local knowledge has kept the flat occupied consistently. Thanks for showing the industry how it should be done.”

Morag, Clan Gordon landlord

You can find out more about switching letting agent on our website here. And we’re so sure you’ll be happier with our service that we’re offering a £250 thank you payment to all landlords who move to Clan Gordon. Schedule a call with one of our expert property management advisors to take the first step!


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