Switching letting agent –
your questions answered

Many landlords put up with bad service from their letting agent because they think it’s too complicated or risky to switch, or they wrongly believe they can’t make a change with tenants in situ.

At Clan Gordon, we believe in making switching to us as straightforward as possible. We liaise directly with the existing agent and tenant, providing them with the new bank details to make rent payments on time and ensuring they have our contact details for any maintenance issues.

We obtain all the documentation such as tenancy agreements and safety certificates from the existing agent and we even collect the keys and arrange a property inspection.

If you’re unhappy with your Edinburgh letting agent and are thinking of switching, here are answers to some of the questions we’re frequently asked:

Can I switch agent with tenants in my property?

Yes, you can! You don’t have to wait until the tenancy ends to change letting agent, you simply have to give notice to your existing agent that you wish to end your contract with them.

Do the tenants need to sign a new contract with you as the new agent

No. Everything your agent did for you should have been done “on your behalf” which means that the tenancy agreement is already between you and the tenant.

Do my tenants get a say?

It’s not up to your tenants who manages the property but it’s worth keeping them informed and letting them know they’ll receive a better service once you switch. If you already have their contact details a friendly email letting them know of the change and that your new agent will be in touch soon to confirm their details and how to pay the rent going forwards is a good idea. If you don’t have their details don’t worry as we’ll be contacting them as soon as we get their details from the other agent.

Do I have to wait until the end of my contract with my existing agent?

Most contracts with letting agents have a clause about termination of the agreement, detailing the required notice that either party must give. It should also provide a formula for calculating any fees due depending on the day of the month the contract ends. If the termination is amicable, there should be no issue with agreeing the final bill. However, it is worthwhile ensuring all correspondence is in writing (by letter or email) to keep a comprehensive record.

Is it a complicated process to switch agents?

Moving from one agent to another doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful, and some agents (like us) do all the work if you switch to them. If you’re unhappy with your existing agent and aren’t getting the service you’re paying for, remember that both you and your tenants will see an improvement if you switch – and that might make your tenants stay for longer.

Can I carry over my documents from my previous agent, such as gas safety certificates and EPCs?

Yes, all the documents including the tenancy agreement and safety certificates belong to you and should be passed to your new agent or returned to you.

What if my tenants don’t pay their rent into the new account?

We’ll make sure we give your tenants plenty of notice about the change and provide the new bank details. Again, if you have their details suggest they cancel any standing order or direct debit. If there’s an error and payment goes to the wrong account, the previous agent must transfer the money to you.


If your Edinburgh letting agent isn’t delivering the service you deserve, talk to Clan Gordon about moving to the city’s multi-award-winning agent.  Schedule a call with our team today and start receiving the hassle-free service every landlord deserves.

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