Transitioning Tenants When You’re Switching Letting Agent

If you’re an Edinburgh landlord who’s decided to switch letting agents with tenants in situ, you’ll want to ensure they feel secure and informed about the change. Hanging onto good tenants is important, so it’s wise to keep them abreast of what’s happening and help them understand the benefits of the move.  

Many landlords think they can’t make the switch while their property is occupied, but that’s not the case. Your tenancy agreement is between yourself and your tenants so you’re free to move to another agent if you’re unhappy with the service you’re receiving or are looking for different services. 

Keep tenants informed about your switch to a different letting agent 

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to a new letting agent, confirm the date the change will take place and make sure you have the necessary contact details for the new letting agent. Let your tenants know what’s happening, and explain why you’re moving. 

It could be that you’re unhappy with how maintenance issues are dealt with, or that communication is poor, so the change should also benefit your tenants. Announcing the change without an explanation could make them feel vulnerable and impact your relationship with them. 

Switching Documentation 

All the property documentation, including the lease agreement and safety certificates, can simply be transferred from one agent to another; there is no need to issue new ones. Reassure your tenants that there won’t be a break in their tenancy; it will be a seamless transition. 

However, the new agent will want to conduct an initial inspection of the property and check the inventory to ensure it is correct, so this must be arranged at a time that suits your tenants to minimise disruption. 

Make sure the agent provides your tenants with telephone numbers and/or the web portal to report maintenance issues. 

Making payments 

Your tenants will need to change their bank direct debit instruction to make future rent payments to the new agent. Make sure they have the details in plenty of time, otherwise the payment is likely to be made to the previous letting agent.  

If this happens, the agent is legally obliged to send you the money, so it’s not a big problem. However, it’s worth trying to avoid the inconvenience by thinking ahead.  

At Clan Gordon, we can take care of this process for you. 

Answer any questions your tenants might have 

Your tenants might have questions and concerns about the switch, so make sure you’re available to answer them and put their minds at rest. If they haven’t experienced any problems with their current agent, they’re likely to be less keen on the change, or they might have outstanding issues that they’re waiting to be sorted. Good communication between yourself, the new letting agent and your tenants is crucial to ensure nothing slips through the net. 

For advice and information about switching letting agents in Edinburgh, schedule a no-obligation call with one of our professional property managers.  


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