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how to create the ‘wow’ factor in photos


Your rental property is on the market, but your adverts aren’t generating the flood of enquiries you anticipated. Whether you’re marketing the place yourself or using an agent, it could be your photos that are letting you down.

Potential renters often make snap decisions based on glancing at just one photo, so it’s important you create the ‘wow’ factor with each and every one. Whether you’re renting a one-bedroom flat in a highly desirable area or a large house on the outskirts of Edinburgh, you want to ensure you generate as many viewings as possible.

Most renters shortlist properties based on searches on websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, so it’s important your listing stands out. Here are our top tips for creating knock-out photos that show your property at its absolute best:


Before taking any photos, dress your property so potential renters can imagine themselves living there. If it’s empty add touches such as throws, cushions and lamps to improve the ambience. You can find more tips on furnishing your rental property in our recent article.

If your property has tenants in situ, make an appointment with them well ahead of time to take the photos and ask them to ensure the property is tidy. Piles of washing up and unmade beds aren’t going to entice potential renters. Take along a few additional touches such as a vase of fresh flowers or a stylish picture.

It’s also worth hiding personal items such as photographs so the property looks like a blank canvas that tenants can make their own.


Good quality photos require effort and preparation. If you’re not using a professional camera with a flashgun, it’s possible to get great results with a mobile phone provided you follow a few basic guidelines.

Try to take photos on a bright day with light streaming through the windows – make sure you open all the curtains and blinds. Don’t photograph early in the morning or late afternoon, and always turn on the lights in every room to make them as bright as possible.

Use lamps to brighten dark corners, moving them from room to room if necessary. Photos should be as sharp as possible so either use a tripod or rest your camera/phone on a solid surface to take them.


We’ve all seen the fish-eye type photos taken from the corner of a room that makes it seem far bigger than it actually is. Potential tenants are wise to these tactics, so it’s best to take a photo that offers a true representation of the room with an equal proportion of floor/wall/ceiling.


Take plenty of photos from different angles in each room to give yourself a good selection, but choose only the very best to add to your online gallery. Select the fewest number of images possible to show the whole room and post them in a logical order, starting with the exterior of the property and working from room to room.

For your main image, choose the most impressive photo. It’s traditionally the exterior shot but if you’ve got a killer kitchen or a beautiful bathroom then choose that one to be seen first.


If you’re not confident enough to create a polished selection of photos, it’s worth paying a professional to do the job for you. It’s worth the outlay to attract top-quality tenants, and the photos can be re-used the next time the property is advertised.

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