Be A Better Landlord

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The start of the year is a great time to turn over a new leaf and make some changes for the better.

So if you’re an Edinburgh landlord, now could be a great time to make some resolutions to ensure your property letting remains hassle-free. Managing safety checks, organising inspections, scheduling maintenance and staying on top of legal matters all need careful attention so it’s important to plan ahead.

Clan Gordon is Edinburgh’s leading letting agent, trusted by more than 700 landlords. We have more than 17 years’ experience in the local property market so we know how much is involved with property management and understand how quickly it can become a burden for you.

We only work with landlords who meet our exacting standards and 97% of tenants say they’re happy with our customer service so we know a thing or two about getting it right.

Legal responsibilities as a landlord

Every landlord - whether self-managed or managed through a letting agent - is personally responsible for all duties relating to their property. These must therefore be carried out in line with the requirements laid down by the Scottish government.

These are clearly detailed and cover everything from the tenancy agreement, for which the Scottish government has provided a model since December 2017, to safety checks for smoke alarms, gas, electricity, carbon monoxide and legionella.

So how can landlords get everything in order and make sure they don’t slip up? Clan Gordon’s recommendations are a good place to start…

  1. Make sure you have checked all your legal obligations and keep documents so you have proof at hand. The Scottish Association of Landlords and Scottish government websites are good sources of accurate, up-to-date information. Legislation frequently changes so it’s important to regularly review the current rules and make appropriate amendments.
  2. Plan maintenance and renovations throughout the year rather than waiting until work is desperately needed. Tenants are happier if they know necessary work has been scheduled, and it’s easier to budget for planned expenditure than emergency repairs that could end up costing far more. Make sure you give tenants at least 48 hours’ notice of the work being carried out and choose reliable, reputable tradespeople to ensure the job is done on time and to a good standard.
  3. Take safety checks seriously and make sure you carry out inspections at the required intervals, not just when tenants first move in. Draw up a schedule of everything that’s needed throughout 2022 and provide tenants with advance notice of dates when checks will be carried out. File paperwork carefully and give copies to tenants to meet your legal duty and so they are reassured inspections have been properly conducted.
  4. Make a commitment to maintain good communication with tenants. Happy tenants make the best tenants and if you are attentive to their needs they will repay you, often by committing to long-term tenancies.

Landlords who invest in their properties and tenants have far fewer problems than those who are less attentive, but often it’s not deliberate. Some landlords live a long distance from their buy-to-let properties or simply don’t have the necessary time to dedicate to managing them effectively.

Comprehensive Property Management in Edinburgh

Clan Gordon understands the challenges and offers a full property management service to landlords covering absolutely everything from setting a realistic rent to finding tenants and carrying out inspections. We have a bank of reputable local tradespeople to carry out work and our friendly and highly qualified staff build a rapport with tenants to ensure their needs are fully met.

To find out more about hassle-free letting through Clan Gordon, schedule a call here.