Marketing your Rental Property

How to Marketing Your Edinburgh Let

If you happen to be a new landlord and you are letting out a property for the first time then you may not be familiar with how to market it.

These days online mediums tend to be the ‘go to’ options, but there are plenty of other off-line methods too. First though, it really pays to know your market.

Know your market

Where does your ideal tenant look for a rental property? What do they want in it - if it’s a family for example, then probably access to a garden.

Young professionals may want to live in an area where there’s a ‘buzz’. Also, consider what your ideal tenant will be willing to pay.

Marketing your rental property well pays dividends in the end. That’s because if you target properly then you are likely to find a tenant who will stay for longer than average.

This means you don’t have to start marketing again and don’t have to face an expensive void period.

And who knows, ideally you may even end up with a choice of tenants – rather than having to persuade a tenant to rent your flat. Rather like a job interview in other words – you’re after your ideal tenant; not just any old person to move into your valued flat or house.

Show how fabulous your flat or house is

Thoroughly clean your property then take photographs showing it in its best light. You might even want to upload a walkthrough video of your flat to give viewers an even better idea of how it would feel to live there.

The video should also make it stand out from similar rival properties.

If there is anything wrong with the flat, for example, the cooker is on its last legs but you plan on replacing it next year, then do mention this in the advert as it shows you are trustworthy and not hiding anything.

Market your property on a host of sites

The more potential high-quality viewers you have, the closer you will be to finding your perfect tenant.

That means marketing it on online sites, as well as in your news agent’s window and local newspaper (especially if your market is aged 50 years or over). Word-of-mouth via friends and colleagues can also be a possible source of good tenants.

Once you have a list of interested viewers, save yourself time and increase competition by holding ‘open viewings’ with a handful of potential tenants at the same time.

Consider corporate letting

If you live in a city or large town where there are large organisations, then you could consider approaching them and offering the property as a corporate let. This is more successful with modern apartments.

It means companies can house visiting contractors for weeks or months at a time. You will be paid a standard monthly rate whether there are tenants in the property or not.

Use a letting agent

The benefit of using a local letting agent to market your property is that they will already have a list of potential tenants. Not only that, but they will have access to online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation.

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