Looking after your home

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tenants in Edinburgh

Tips and tricks for a happy tenancy

So, you’ve found a property in Edinburgh to rent, but what comes next? If you’ve never rented before, it’s not always obvious what you can and can’t do as a tenant to make your new rental property feel like a proper home that you can feel proud of.

Below we’ve put together a collection of articles specifically for tenants which aim to answer some of the common questions that arise from tenants when they first take out a property.

What are you responsible for? How can you make your home a sanctuary? What maintenance should you do? What counts as fair wear and tear? And what are your rights as a tenant?

You’ve likely asked all these questions at some point. Our team of professional property management experts has put together these articles to answer these questions – and more – to help you get the most out of your tenancy. If you’re unable to find a topic that you’re interested in covered below, do, please let us know – we’re always striving to provide the best possible support for tenants renting in Edinburgh through Clan Gordon. You can also find advice for property investors, landlords, and the latest news on Clan Gordon here.